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Our Process

As a partnership developer and facilitator, Kiruba Corp specializes in international trade consulting, connecting a network of industry suppliers with international clients.

Kiruba recognizes that prior to any agreement or transaction, it is essential to assess a potential client & suppliers organizational structure, reputation and capabilities. Kiruba Corp will make every effort to partner with companies that are financially stable, have a proven track record of performance, offer superior product and materials on a consistent basis.

  • WE WORK closely with our potential buyers to give them a true edge in their market by analyzing their needs and connecting them with the right opportunities and suppliers.
  • WE PARTNER with reliable producers and suppliers that are seeking to tap into market opportunities that emerge from working with Kiruba, such as increased revenue, market share and expanding new partnerships with reputable international clients.
  • WE DEAL efficiently to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved in each transaction.

Network Qualification

For Buyers
For Suppliers

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Client Qualifications:


  • Must adhere to internationally accepted standards of client due diligence.
  • Strict compliance to all relevant laws, rules and regulations.
  • Should be recognized in your respective industry and can provide us with the necessary references.
  • Can provide proof of authorization and a copy of the sole and exclusive mandate agreement.

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Supplier Qualifications:

Kiruba Corp - Supply Company Qualifications

Company Qualifications

  • Must be an established business with a good reputation.
  • Has excellent management, sustainability, performance and process in place.
  • Is considered a financial stable company.
  • Has a functioning risk management system that guarantees a high level of supply security.
  • Capable of offering competitive pricing.
Kirub Corp - Product Qualifications

Product Qualification

  • Must have good reputation for quality product(s).
  • Must provide Certificate of Origin and required quality assurance certifications where necessary (SGS,Bureau Veritas, Intertek or similar ).
  • Must deliver a detailed evaluation and product qualification as per our client requirements.
  • Can deliver complete product orders on-time.
Kirub Corp - Contract Requirements

Contract Requirements

  • A Qualified Supplier must agree to sign a contract which identifies all the terms and conditions under which the agreement will operate through Kiruba.
  • We use a client agreement when terms and conditions are established and agreed upon.
  • All contracts is understood to be legally binding between all parties involved.


Supplier selection is critical today for the continued success of a business enterprise. Any supplier with variability affects the overall business effectiveness of the client. As such, Kiruba Corp only partners with suppliers that meet our stringent requirements.

  • WE WANT to ensure that our suppliers are competent and consistent with providing high quality products and services that our buyers can rely on.
  • WE WORK with suppliers that are looking to build long term partnerships and share the same values and strategies as our own.

  • WE CONSIDER our suppliers as partners and as an integral part of our process.

Snapshot of our Process:

  • Request for Information ( RFI): Vendor Pre-qualification, Product Qualification, Site visit if necessary.

  • Request for Quote (RFQ/ RFP): Outline GTC (General Terms & Conditions) as part of the RFQ.
  • Selection (on boarding): Assist in Pre-Contractual Negotiation and Contract Negotiation

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